Bodhi Wellness Founder and Registered Yoga Teacher

Kara Foley
Bodhi Wellness Founder and Registered Yoga Teacher

I first stepped into a yoga class at the age of 16. I was a super active young adult and loved the movements and slowing down – something I didn’t do much of. I continued to practice throughout my school years, and once I started working full time I became more and more invested in my practice and started to take trainings for “fun.”


In 2012, I was going through a lot of health difficulties that I thought I “was OK” with. It took a retreat in Costa Rica to flip me, make me cry every day, realize that feeling this emotion was what needed to be done to process the loss of my old “normal” life and then take action to cultivate what I needed my life to be. Since that week, I have been diving deep into all 8 limbs of yoga (it’s more than just postures!) and literally living my yoga day in and day out. Knowing that some days your yoga may be listening to your body exhaustion and taking a nap, and that’s OK. This is truly a liberating feeling.


Fast forward 15+ years later and it’s still the place I feel most at home. At home in my body, at home in my mind, fluid and untarnished. Your mat never asks anything more of you than to show up, and once you do it’s there for you – whatever you need. Whether you need to move every muscle until you are a sweaty exhausted mess, or need to lie down, heavy, and let go; the practice is there waiting.


In my classes you will find I weave in fluid flows, muscle isolations, core, balance, and lots of hands on if you come to restorative touch. I am also a philosophy junkie and self-reflection lover, so there is always a thought or two to sink into and breathe life into your self-exploration.


I created Bodhi as a refuge. A place of love and acceptance. A place to process this thing we call life on our mats – so that we can be more present off our mat.