Class Types

Yoga is not a flexibility or strength competition. Yoga is for every BODY. Yoga is for YOU.

We offer an array of different class from calm restorative sessions to more physically challenging flows (a transition from one pose to the other). All poses have variations that speak to you in that moment.

1. No hot yoga classes; when it’s cold outside, the yoga studio is heated to 24ºC.
2. For humans that are 12+ years old.
3. No class reservation system; first come first served; 22 people max.

Restorative Touch (60 min.)

Come and find support for your body and your spirit in the practice room. Long, deep, supported stretching with attention to breath, and guided intentions. Assisted stretching and essential oils take your zen to the next level.

Prana Flow (60 min.)

Dear to Kara’s heart, this practice will be utilizing breathwork (pranayama), chanting (mantra), and syncing them with movement/postures (asana) to cultivate deep awareness within. IMPORTANT: DO NOT eat a meal 2 hours before the class starts. Light snacks are ok if you must.

The Deep Exhale (75 min.)

Arrive, breath, and settle into your body for this restorative class. Find the support you need for long stretches, breath work, and reflective musings as you are guided deeper into yourself.

Yang/Yin (90 min.)

Work between opposing sensations. Build the fire – yang, and melt into softness – yin. This class moves from strengthening poses into supported and restorative poses. Postures are held for longer, and although there is flow to the class it is done at a slower and accessible pace – perfect for those new to yoga and those who want to slow down, feel, and move with intention.

Foundational Flow (60 min.)

Embrace the yoga postures that are held for 45 seconds to two minutes. Each movement will be connected with the breath.This will help you reduce stress, increase mobility and strength.

Power Flow (30 min.)

30 minute flow class to energize and reset you to tackle your afternoon. Perfect for a “power lunch.”

Burn (30 min.)

THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL YOGA CLASS! This is a 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) inspired by yoga. Come and find your edge as we do sets and reps of the poses we all know and love (or love to hate)!

Fresh Flow (60 min.)

A flow class with a stellar hip hop and top40 playlist. This class moves outside of the traditional postures and integrates repetitions, core engagement, and creative transitions from pose to pose. Building strength while igniting your inner fire.

Slow Flow (60 min.)

Move and feel your body as you flow like honey through a challenging asana (posture) practice, completing your night with deep juicy yin poses.