Budokon Series (Mondays: Jan 15 – Feb 19)

Mondays, Jan 15th - Feb 19th, 2018 [6:30pm - 7:45pm]

Join Ally weekly at 6:30pm for Budokon.
In your 6 weeks together you will move through the 7 sections that make up the beautifully balanced art form that is Budokon. A hybrid of yoga and martial arts, Budokon’s movements are deliberate, muscular, functional and graceful. Each class will focus its attention to the details of 1 or 2 sections as you flow through the Primary Series. Every class will finish with an epic savasana and seated meditation.


$75 +HST for all 6 classes.
Pre-register in person at the Bodhi Wellness Centre or via email kara@physiobodhi.com.
Registration is confirmed on payment.

Budokan Yoga Demo